Governor's Court
Condominium Association
534 Washington Avenue
Sea Girt, New Jersey 08750
Winter Reminders & Requirements

 As you probably recall, during a previous winter, a water pipe ruptured in an upper level unit attic causing extensive damage in that unit and to the unit below.  While the reconstruction of both units went well, and the claim was closed, the insurance carrier upon renewal of the policy declined to renew the insurance policy.  It was very difficult to obtain another insurance carrier to provide insurance due to the claim on record and the probability of additional claims if condominium units are not heated and procedures are not put in place to circumvent another pipe rupture.

With only one carrier offering to provide insurance at this time, the cost of insurance increased 42% and exceed the budget. 

In an effort to prevent a reoccurrence of this unfortunate incident, the Board of Directors asks the cooperation and efforts of all owners in helping to prevent such an incident from happening again.

Please be further advised, Management has been informed by insurance agents, carriers, and adjusters that damages from pipe ruptures attributable to negligence on the part of a unit owner will not be eligible for coverage from the Association’s insurance.  Failure to heat the unit adequately during any cold weather constitutes negligence. 

The Board of Directors and Surf Site Management strongly urge all unit owners to once again carefully review and immediately comply with the following guidelines in winterizing their unit to minimize the possibility of damage from frozen pipes:

  • Units must be heated to the extent necessary, no lower than 62 degrees, to prevent damage from freezing temperatures during the period of November 1 through March 31, regardless of whether or not the unit is occupied. 

  • If your unit remains empty from October through April, then please additionally ensure that all windows and doors are fully closed and securely locked. This will not only safeguard your home, but prevent cold air from entering. If at all possible, provide management with the name and phone number for a local contact in case of an emergency.  Additionally, please make arrangements with a neighbor, or a relative or friend in the local area, to check on your unit frequently during any extended absence. This should be done at least monthly, or weekly if possible.

  • All areas such as the kitchen and bathroom that have cabinet doors covering plumbing must be kept open when the Unit is vacant.

  • All units with water heaters in the attic (1, 2, 5, 6, 11, 12, 15, and 16) must not only maintain the temperature of at least 62 degrees, but must also drip water from bathroom and kitchen faucets.

  • Owners who are required to drip faucets, but wish not to do so; instead are permitted to have a professional licensed plumber install a circulation pump farthest from the hot water heater.

  • Owners who do not wish to keep their heat on are permitted to have their plumbing pipes professionally drained and winterized by a licensed plumber.

If, despite taking the proper precautions, you suspect the pipes have frozen, call a plumber immediately so professional measures can be taken to try to prevent the pipe from rupturing and to minimize damages.  

Any unit owner having a tenant or guest using the unit should be certain this information is received by and complied with by the tenant or guest.  Your effort in safeguarding the building and homes is anticipated and appreciated.  Thank you.


New Management
Surf Site Property Management has been selected by your Board of Directors to manage Governor's Court Condominium Association, Inc. of Sea Girt  effective March 1, 2018. Beginning March 1, 2018 Surf Site Property Management will assume full control of property management for your association. Therefore, please begin to direct all correspondence and concerns to Surf Site Property Management.  We will endeavor to be of assistance to all residents.

Please note our mailing address and telephone number for use in contacting the Management Office. All communications should be made through this office at the address below:

Governor's Court Condominium Association, Inc. of Sea Girt
c/o Surf Site Property Management
201 West Sylvania Avenue – Suite 1
Neptune City, NJ   07753

Phone:  732-869-4450   
Fax:       732-869-4460
E-Mail:   [email protected]

The Management Office staff is available to receive phone calls regarding all community association business on Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and on Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 12 Noon. Please note: Due to the confidentiality of all associations managed, office visitation is by appointment only.  Kindly call the office in advance to request an appointment.

After regular call hours, and during evenings, weekends, and holidays, calls are transferred to a voicemail system. The number to dial, 24 hours a day, is (732) 869-4450.  When your call is directed to the voice mailbox, please listen to the entire message and leave your message after the beep. During an after hour emergency situation, you will be prompted to call an alternate phone number.  Emergency calls will be returned promptly. However, repairs will be scheduled when possible (roof leaks cannot be repaired during a storm).

As you are aware, the association maintenance fee is due each month. Unit Owners may enrolli n automatic withdrawal of maintenance fees through Surf Site Property Management by  completing and returning a Direct Debit Application with a voided check allowing us to establish withdrawal of maintenance fees.  Please either e-mail this application and the voided check to [email protected] or in the envelope provided in the recent mailing.

Association maintenance fee coupons for 2018 will be mailed for those Unit Owners not submitting the Direct Debit Application.

Please take a minute to complete the Census Form recently mailed and return it to the management office either via e-mail to [email protected] or in the envelope provided in the recent mailing as soon as possible.  This information is required by the Association and is completely confidential.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your community.  Do not hesitate to call Surf Site Property Management to discuss any managerial transition concerns you may have.